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No, Talk to us we may have a solution for you.

We offer an initial site visit which is free.  In this meeting we will discuss your project with you and provide a ballpark estimate at which time we will also discuss your budget.  If it is determined that your project and budget are feasible, we will provide you with a written estimate which will be emailed to you.  Should your home renovation Ottawa project involve detailed investigation, consultation and follow up, design or building permit-there is an additional charge for this service.

Yes, in our initial site visit we will discuss your project and budget.  As experienced contractors we have an idea on estimated costs associated with your type of renovation and you know what you have to spend.  Offering free estimates can be a time consuming challenge and we ask our potential clients to be respectful with our time.  If you are simply shopping around for prices, let us know, we are more than happy to offer you a ballpark estimate but cannot allocate extensive amounts of time into providing detailed estimates that will not materialize.

 we are experienced in many areas and can typically forecast the un-foreseens that may occur in your project.  We account for these at the initial estimate stage which is why our price may be a little higher than others.  We are respectful of our client’s budgets and like to keep to our initial estimate without charging for little extras throughout the duration of your project.  If a major change occurs, by either the customer’s request or site conditions we must charge an extra in the form of a change order.  All change order templates must be approved and signed by the home owner prior to the work being completed.

We offer a 1 year labor warranty on minor home repairs and a 2 year warranty on all major renovations with materials carrying their own product specific warranties…but don’t worry, we stand behind our work and call backs for warranty issues are not something we get, so if there’s ever a problem you can always reach us.